Divrei HaYamim Alef 15

Much Better

David built residences for himself, as well as a place for the Ark. He returned to retrieve the Ark, this time employing Levites to carry it. (The chapter gives us a breakdown of the heads of the Levite families and the numbers of each that participated.) David gave them instructions to purify themselves and their brothers for the task of restoring the Ark to its proper place.

The Levites carried the Ark and their musicians sang and played their instruments. (We are again given a list of their names.) David and the leaders of the people rejoiced. The Levites offered sacrifices to G-d and David wore a linen robe, as did all the Levites who participated. David also wore a linen apron. But when David's wife Michal saw him leaping about, she thought he was making a fool of himself and it disgusted her. (The parallel account in II Samuel chapter 6 details Michal's criticism to David and his defense.)

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz