Shmuel Alef Perek 20

Those who merit to focus during the weekly Haftara would have noticed that perek 20 is the chosen haftara for when Rosh Chodesh falls on Sunday; the aptly-named haftaras machar chodesh. However, upon first glance, the only thing that the entire perek has to do with Rosh Chodesh are the two words 'machar chodesh' (tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh) in pasuk 5. Did Chazal make us do away with the normal haftara for just two words of relevance? Rav Shimon Shwab answers that there is a deeper connection to Rosh Chodesh in this perek. In pasuk 27, Shaul asks 'why has Ben Yishai [referring to Dovid] not come [to attend my meal]?’ The answer, as we know well, is that Dovid was hiding from Shaul's baseless hatred of him [instigated by the Divine-sent ruach ra'ah]. Each Mussaf of Rosh Chodesh we speak of the Beis Hamikdash’s offerings, and pray for the Mikdash to be returned to us. Therefore, says Rav Shwab, this perek was handpicked to be the machar chodesh haftara for it serves to remind us why we do not have the Beis Hamikdash today. Why has 'Ben Yishai [I.e. the Moshiach] not come?' Because of baseless hatred. And once we know what the problem is we can begin working on the solution; ahavas chinam. The friendship between Dovid and Yonasan is the ultimate example of ahavas chinam; a friendship where both parties are willing to give up everything they have for one and other and where a friend is 'soveil b'ol chaveiro' - feels and shares the burden on his friend's shoulders. Thus, the perek as well as detailing the reason for our galus, also provides for us the solution; the paradigm of ahavas chinam.