3,001. Servants as Cheirem

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:17

If someone proscribes half of his male or female servant, he and the kohanim become joint owners. However, if he consecrates half his servant and proscribes half his servant to Heaven, then the servant is wholly consecrated, as was discussed in halacha 5:18. If someone consecrates a male or female Canaanite servant, or if he consecrates all of his property and it includes servants, their physical bodies are consecrated. Accordingly, it is prohibited to benefit from them until they’ve been redeemed.

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:18

The Temple treasurers are not permitted to accept the value of such servants from third parties and free them. Rather, they sell the servants to third parties, who may then free them if they so choose.