2,993. Proscribed Property (Cheirem)

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:1

If someone says, “This is consecrated for Temple upkeep,” “This is proscribed (cheirem) for Temple upkeep,” “This is proscribed for Heaven,” or similar things regarding all his property, then it’s all consecrated towards Temple upkeep, proscribed for Temple upkeep or proscribed for Heaven, meaning that the property is given towards Temple upkeep. However, if he just said that the property was proscribed without any further detail, then it is given to the kohanim. This is because unspecified proscriptions go to the kohanim as per Numbers 18:14: “All the proscriptions of the Jewish people shall be yours.”

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 6:2

One may proscribe from his cattle, his sheep, his male and female Canaanite servants and his hereditary fields. One should not proscribe all of his cattle, servants or fields, or all of some type of movable goods that he owns, as per Leviticus 27:28: “From all that he owns.” If one proscribes all that he owns of one type of property, even if he proscribes everything he owns, the donation is effective. This is so regardless of whether he proscribed the property for the kohanim or for Temple upkeep.