Haftarah for Re'eh

Isaiah 54:11-55:5

Israel is like one who has been tossed about by a storm. G-d will pave our floors and gates with precious gems, not only in the Temple and Jerusalem, but throughout the land. All our children will study the ways of G-d and they will have great peace. We will be firmly established because of our righteousness, not fearing oppression. Those who are not with G-d will fear. Those who oppose Israel will fall before them (or, perhaps, will come to side with them).

G-d created the entire concept of metal work. A smith forges implements of war, but we need not fear those who wield them. Any weapon held against Israel will fail; anyone who speaks against them will be defeated. This is the reward of those who have served G-d.

Chapter 55

Isaiah tells all who are thirsty to go to the water and all those with no money to go buy food - it will not be an impediment. (As in many places, the food and drink are a metaphor for Torah.) Why should you work and pay for no food? Listen to G-d and eat your fill of goodness. Turn towards Him and live, enjoying an eternal covenant.

David's descendant (Moshiach - the Messiah) will chastise the nations and rule over them. You will call a nation you don't know and they will come because they've heard about the miracles G-d has performed for Israel.