2,982. Consecrating Purchased Real Estate

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 4:26

If someone consecrates land that he purchased, its actual value is calculated and we see what it will be worth until yoveil. Anyone who wants to redeem it may do so. If the one who consecrated it redeems it, he need not add a fifth. The redemption money is used for Temple upkeep, just like other valuations and committed values. When yoveil arrives, the land returns to its original owner, i.e., the one who sold it. This is so regardless of whether the land was redeemed from the Temple treasurer and is being returned from a third party or it was not redeemed and is being returned from the Temple treasurer. In either case, it goes back to the seller and is not confiscated for the kohanim. This is because a person can’t consecrate something that isn’t his.

Hilchos Arachin Vacharamin 4:27

When a field is appraised as sanctified property in order to sell it for its actual value, its sale is announced for 60 days in a row, in the morning when the workers go to work and in the evening when they return. We mark the boundaries of the field and note its yield and its value so that anyone who wants to do it can do so.