Haftarah for Pekudei

Solomon also brought the gold, silver and other objects that his father David had put aside for the Temple.

Chapter 8

Solomon gathered the various leaders of the country in Jerusalem, bringing the Ark from the Tent where David had kept it. The entire nation joined them; this was before the holiday of Succos and the people made the requisite pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The Kohanim brought in the Ark and the Leviim (Levites) brought the Tabernacle and all of its vessels. Solomon offered numerous sacrifices.

The Ark was placed in the Holy of Holies, under the cherubim. The poles of the Ark could be seen pushing upon the partition, but they did not extend outside of it. (The Navi tells us that the Ark is there "until this day," but that doesn't mean until the 21st century. It means until the time of Jeremiah, when that sentence was written.) When the Kohanim left the Holy, the Temple filled with the glory of G-d's Presence. Solomon recognized this cloud as a sign of favor, as the same thing happened when Moses assembled the Tabernacle way back in Exodus chapter 40.

Solomon blessed the nation and praised G-d for allowing him to build the Temple, fulfilling the wishes of his father, David.

Excerpted from The OU's Nach Yomi