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Terumah - Sheini

More About the Aron

The cover of the Aron was to be made of gold, with two figures of cherubim hammered out. The cherubs were to face one another and to extend their wings upward. The cover would be placed on the Ark after G-d gave Moshe the box's contents (the luchos - the tablets). The Aron would become the place from which G-d speaks to Moshe.

Next, G-d instructed Moshe to build the Shulchan, a special table on which the lechem hapanim ("showbread") would be placed. As with the Aron, the Shulchan was made of gold-plated acacia wood, with carrying poles. (Unlike the Aron, these poles were removed when not in use.) All the utensils made for use with the Shulchan were to be of pure gold.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz