Tehillim 87

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In Praise of Jerusalem

A Psalm by the sons of Korach: this Psalm is based on Jerusalem and her holy mountains (including the Temple mount). G-d loves the gates of Jerusalem, especially the gates of the Temple, the spiritual heart of the nation. As precious as the Jewish home is, these gates are more precious still. Jerusalem is a thing of remarkable beauty, fit to be called the city of G-d.

The sons of Korach speak of other great empires (Babylonia, Tyre, and Ethiopia, among others), and each one is noteworthy for some accomplishment or prominent person. Only Jerusalem, however, can boast of a constant stream of great people. (The words "ish v'ish" are interpreted "man after man" by most commentators, but the Targum renders it "a man and another man," referring to David and Solomon, the two great kings who ruled there.) G-d Himself established Jerusalem as the most prominent city on Earth.

In the future, G-d will decide the fate of the nations of the world. At that time, He will locate the Jews who have been lost among these nations. Musicians will sing G-d's praises, saying that our very lives are dedicated to the service of Him.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz