Tehillim 85

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Truth, Meet Kindness. Kindness, This is Truth.

The sons of Korach say that G-d has demonstrated His love for the land of Israel by returning the scattered exiles from their captivity, referring to the Babylonian exile. He has forgiven the people and agreed to overlook their sins. He has restrained His anger and tempered it with mercy.

The sons of Korach pray that G-d cancel His anger altogether and return the Jews from the Roman exile as He did after the Babylonian exile. Will He remain forever angry with us or will He restore the nation so we can rejoice in His Divine providence? We ask to see His kindness.

Let's hear (prophetically) what G-d has to say: He has promised peace so that nation will no longer be drawn to the errors of their ancestors. His salvation is close at hand for those who are in proper awe of Him. His glory will return to the rebuilt (third) Temple.

Kindness and truth will meet - that is, G-d's kindness will be directly related to Israel's truth. Righteousness and peace will "kiss" - meaning they will be closely interrelated. When Israel causes truth to grow from the ground, G-d will meet it with righteousness from Heaven. He will send good rains that will lead to abundant crops. His obvious righteousness will blaze a path that people will strive to follow.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz