Tehillim 82

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Asaf continues:

G-d stands among groups of pious, sincere Jews who study His Torah. He provides judges with the insight to do their job properly. How long will evil people be permitted to thrive? Judges should show no favoritism: rich or poor, the person who is in the right should triumph. These judges should also be proactive in solving societal ills, saving the oppressed from those who take advantage of them. Unfortunately, too many of them are oblivious to the evils around them or do not know that it is their responsibility to fix things.

Judges who allow their impartiality to be obscured by bribes bring destruction on the world. G-d tells them that they have been imbued with authority to act on His behalf. Powerful as they are, they will pass away and their judgments will be their legacy - so make sure it's a good one! Ultimately, G-d will judge the world Himself, administering justice to the wicked.

Psalm 82 is the Psalm of the day for Tuesday. The Psalm speaks of assemblies gathering to learn Torah. On Tuesday, the land was gathered together; this is a necessary prerequisite for people getting together.