2,813. The Vows of a Minor

Hilchos Nedarim 10:13

If a man prohibited his wife to benefit from him from now until Succos if she goes to her father’s house from now until Passover, she is prohibited to benefit from him immediately. If she went to her father’s house before Passover and he gave her benefit, he is liable to the penalty of lashes and she continues to be prohibited to him until Succos. After Passover has arrived, she may go to her father’s house.

Hilchos Nedarim 11:1

If a boy who is 12 years and a day old or a girl who is 11 years and a day old made an oath or a vow, either prohibiting something to themselves or consecrating some object, we interview them. If they understand to Whom they made the vow or consecrated the object, then the vows and the consecration are binding. If they don’t know, then such vows and statements are immaterial. One must make such an investigation for a girl’s entire twelfth year and a boy’s entire thirteenth year.