857. Making Clothes During the Nine Days

122:10 During the Nine Days, we may not make new clothes or new shoes, nor may we knit socks; we may likewise not have these things made for us, not even by a non-Jew. If there is a compelling need, such as for a wedding immediately after Tisha b'Av, it is permitted to have them made by a non-Jew but not by a Jew. (Mishnah Brurah 551:46 permits a man without a wife and children to have new clothes made during the Nine Days for his wedding.) Before Rosh Chodesh, it is permitted to place an order for any of these things even with a Jewish craftsman, who can then make them even during the Nine Days.

122:11 Women have the custom not to arrange the threads on a loom during the Nine Days. This is because the warp of a loom is a "shesi" in Hebrew, the same root as the "even shesiya" (foundation stone), which was in the Temple. The women themselves are strict on this matter and we are not permitted to try to get them to act leniently.