Why Is There No Maseches Chanukah | The Chanukah Omission

0:00 Introduction

2:35 Various omissions related to Chanukah

8:40 Early sources who ask this question about the Chanukah omission

11:00 The Chanukah controversy of 1891

15:45 Answer #1 Based on the Rambam things that everyone knew were not included in the Mishna

17:52 Answer #2 Mesechtas Chanukah was lost

19:00 Answer #3 Megilas Tannis

20:02 1908 Edition of Megilast Tannis

22:30 Deep dive into the Megilat Tannis

27:00 Megilat tannis in Americia in 1850's

29:00 Aderes and R Yakov Kahan correspondence

30:20 Answer #4 Chasam Sofer Answer

34:30 Rabanu Hakodesh role in writing Mishna

35:20 Answer #5 Hidden Halachos

Chisuru Mechsrah on the Mishna

39:55 The rare work Chanukas Habeis

42:34 Chasm Sofer and mention of Pach Shemen Nes in All HaNissim

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