Micha 4

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Ki MiTzion Teitzei Torah

In Messianic times, the Temple mount will be cleared of the growth of the previous chapter and once again firmly established. People of all nations will flock to it in order to serve G-d and learn His ways. The Torah will go out of Zion and the word of G-d from Jerusalem. (We say this verse when we remove the Torah from the ark.) G-d will judge disputes between the nations through His representative, the Moshiach (the Messiah). They will beat their weapons into farming implements and they will not make war any more.

Every person will dwell securely on their own land, without any invading force uprooting them. Idolatry will have been eradicated. G-d will heal the lame (perhaps referring to the nation of Israel, which has been hobbled by her exile), and He will gather the lost, whom He punished. He will restore them into a nation and He will reign over them from the Temple mount forevermore. The Davidic dynasty will be restored to Jerusalem.

But as for now, why are the Jews seeking alliances with Egypt and Assyria for protection, rather than turning to G-d? The nation will be in pains like a woman in labor when they are sent into exile and their city is destroyed. They will go to Babylonia, from where they will ultimately be redeemed. Many nations gather against Israel, hoping to see her punished for her sins. But these nations don't understand G-d's motives in allowing them to be His instrument of punishment. They are being gathered together to be punished for their own evil. The nations are like sheaves and Israel is the thresher. Israel will gore and trample their antagonists; any wealth that might be plundered will be donated to the service of G-d.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz