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Kilayim 1:2-3

Kilayim 1:2

Cucumber and yellow melon are not kilayim (diverse species) to one another; Rabbi Yehuda says that they are. Domestic and wild lettuce, domestic and wild endives, domestic and wild leeks, domestic and wild coriander, mustard and Egyptian mustard, different species of gourds, and Egyptian beans and carob – none of the items in these pairs are kilayim with one another.

Kilayim 1:3

Turnips and radishes, cabbage and cauliflower, beets and saltbush (atriplex – a member of the beet family) – these are not kilayim to one another. Rabbi Akiva says that domestic and wild garlic, domestic and wild onion, and domestic and wild lupin (a legume) are likewise not kilayim to one another.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz