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Maaser Sheni 4:7-8

Ma’aser Sheini 4:7

If a person redeems second tithe but he did not designate the money for this purpose, Rabbi Yosi says it’s good enough; Rabbi Yehuda says one must designate the money or it is ineffective. Similarly, if a man was talking to a woman about getting divorced or married and he gave her a get or an item to effect marriage without specifying what it was, Rabbi Yosi says it is effective and Rabbi Yehuda says he must specify its intended purpose.

Ma’aser Sheini 4:8

If a person put aside an issar (a denomination of money) to redeem second tithe and he redeemed half an issar of produce on it, then he went somewhere else and where it is worth a pundyon (two issars), he may redeem another issar’s worth of produce on it. If he put aside a pundyon and he redeemed an issar of produce on it, then he went elsewhere, where it was worth an issar, he may redeem another half-issar on it. If one put aside an issar of second tithe, he may eat based on this one-eleventh of an issar (of doubtful second-tithe money) and one-hundredth of an issar (of definite second-tithe money). Beis Shammai say in either case, it is one-tenth, and Beis Hillel say it’s one-eleventh for the doubtful and one-tenth for the definite.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz