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Maaser Sheni 5:13-14

Ma’aser Sheini 5:13

Continuing the text of the confession, “Look down from Your holy dwelling in the Heavens” means that we have acted as Hashem told us to, so we ask that He act towards us as He has said that He will – namely, “bless Your people, Israel” with offspring, “and the land You have given us” with dew, rain and offspring for our domestic animals, “as You promised our fathers, a land flowing with milk and honey,” to impart flavor in the fruits of the land.

Ma’aser Sheini 5:14

From the phrase “the land You have given us,” the Sages derived that Israelites and mamzerim (the children of incestuous or adulterous unions) do make the confession but converts and freed slaves do not because the latter do not own hereditary real estate. Rabbi Meir says that kohanim and Leviim do not recite the confession because they also do not own hereditary real estate; Rabbi Yosi says kohanim and Leviim do recite the confession because they received cities.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz