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Masei - Sh'vi'i

Tzelofchad’s Daughters Make More Trouble (Joking!)

Some representatives from the Tribe of Menashe approached Moshe and the other leaders.

"You were permitted to give Tzelofchad's portion to his five daughters, which is all well and good," they said, "but what do we do if they marry men from other Tribes? We'll end up losing that land from our portion! Even in the Jubilee year, it will end up going back to their husbands' Tribes!"

Moshe had to concede that they had a point. He instructed Tzelofchad's daughters to marry only within their own Tribe; such would be the law for any women who would inherit their fathers' property, as land had to stay within the Tribe. Tzelofchad's daughters married men from the Tribe of Menashe, keeping their father's inheritance in the family.

This concludes the laws that G-d instructed Moshe in the plains of Moab, along with the Book of Numbers.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz