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Succah 5:8-Beitza 1:1

Succah 5:8

If there was a day in between yom tov and Shabbos, the watch whose regularly-scheduled turn it was would take ten loaves of showbread and the watches who remained would take two. The rest of the year, the watch coming on duty and the watch coming off duty would each take six loaves. Rabbi Yehuda said that the watch coming on duty would take seven loaves and the watch coming off duty would take five loaves. The watch coming on duty divided their loaves among their members in the north and the watch coming off duty divided theirs in the south. The watch called Bilgah always divided theirs in the south (this was a penalty imposed upon them for a familial misdeed). Additionally, the ring of Bilgah, which would normally hold the animal being offered, was rendered immobile (and therefore useless). Furthermore, the cubby for Bilgah’s use was sealed up.

Beitzah 1:1

Beis Shammai say that an egg laid on yom tov may be eaten but Beis Hillel say that it may not. Beis Shammai say that the amount of leavening that would render one liable on Pesach is the volume of an olive, while the amount of chometz is the volume of a dried fig; Beis Hillel say that each is the volume of an olive.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz