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Beitza 3:8-4:1

Beitzah 3:8

One person may ask another to fill a container but not to give him a particular volume. Rabbi Yehuda says that one may not fill a measuring cup. Abba Shaul ben Batnis used to fill his measuring cups before yom tov and give them to his customers on yom tov. Abba Shaul said that one pre-fills containers even on chol hamoed in order to allow the contents to settle and give exact volumes; the Sages say that one pre-fills containers even on weekdays in order to ensure exact volumes. One may go on yom tov to a shopkeeper he knows and ask for a particular number of eggs or nuts because it is normal for a homeowner to keep track of these things by number.

Beitzah 4:1

If a person transports jugs of wine on yom tov, he may not carry them in a basket as one does on weekdays. Rather, he must carry them on his shoulder or in front of him. Similarly, one who transports straw may not sling the basket behind him, he must carry it in his hand. One may start taking straw from the pile for use as fuel on yom tov but one may not take wood from the storage shed.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz