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Megillah 1:9-10

Megillah 1:9

The only difference between a High Priest who was anointed with the anointing oil and one for whom the additional garments were added is the bull brought for “all mitzvos.” [Leviticus 4:3 specifies, “If the anointed priest sins….”] The only difference between an officiating High Priest and one who formerly served as High Priest is the bull offered on Yom Kippur and the tenth of the ephah (a daily offering).

Megillah 1:10

[A bamah was a type of temporary or personal altar, which became prohibited once the Temple was built.] The only difference between a large (i.e., public) bamah and a small (i.e., private) bamah is the Passover offerings. This general rule is that vowed and donated sacrifices could be offered on a private bamah and other sacrifices could not.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz