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Moed Katan 1:6-7

Moed Katan 1:6

One may not dig burial chambers or mausoleums on chol hamoed but one may alter existing burial chambers. On chol hamoed, one may make a pool for washing things and a coffin for a body that is in the same courtyard. Rabbi Yehuda prohibits this unless one already has boards available.

Moed Katan 1:7

One may not marry a woman on chol hamoed, neither a virgin nor a widow, nor may one perform yibum (levirate marriage) because the joy of the marriage will cause him to overlook the joy of the holiday, but one may remarry a wife he had divorced. A woman may apply makeup on chol hamoed, though Rabbi Yehuda prohibits using a plaster of lime on chol hamoed because she finds it noxious.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz