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Chagigah 1:6-7

Chagigah 1:6

One who did not bring the holiday offerings on the first day of Succos may do so the entire holiday, including Shemini Atzeres (which is technically a separate holiday). If the festival passes and he never brought them, he is not obligated to make them up. Regarding this, Koheles 1:15 says, “A crooked thing cannot be straightened and a loss cannot be made up.”

Chagigah 1:7

Rabbi Shimon ben Menasya says that “a crooked thing cannot be straightened” refers to one who had forbidden relations with a woman and fathered a mamzer with her. If you think it refers to a thief or a robber, those people can make amends by returning what they stole. Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai says “a crooked thing” refers to something that was originally straight but which became crooked, i.e., a scholar who turns away from the Torah.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz