2,630. Must One Use the Word "Shevua" in an Oath?

Hilchos Shevuos 2:4

If a person uses an expression of a curse or of an oath without mentioning God’s Name or one of the terms we use to describe Him, he is prohibited the object of his oath, but he isn’t liable to lashes or to bring an offering for violating the oath unless it included a name of God or one of His descriptors, as has been discussed.

Hilchos Shevuos 2:5

An oath can be made not only by using the word “shevua,” but also any phrase that is used for that purpose. For example, the inarticulate people of a certain place would call an oath a “shabuta” or a “shakuka.” People from Aram called an oath “momata” in their language, and the inarticulate among them called it a “moha.” If one’s intention in making a statement is to take an oath, he is just as liable as if he had used the word “shevua.”