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Sotah 7:1-2

Sotah 7:1

The following may be recited in any language: the section of the sotah, the tithe confession, Shema, the Amida, bentching (grace after meals), an oath of testimony and an oath regarding a deposited object.

Sotah 7:2

The following must be recited in Hebrew: the text recited when bringing first fruits, chalitzah (the shoe-removal ceremony), the blessings and curses (that were recited on the mountains of Grizim and Eival), the priestly blessing, the blessings of the High Priest (on Yom Kippur), the Hakhel portion read by the king, the section of the eglah arufah (the calf in the case of an unsolved murder) and the portion that the kohein anointed for war recites to the people. (Most of these are explained further in the next few mishnayos.)

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz