2,618. Blood From a Slaughter That Can't Be Eaten

Hilchos Shechita 14:9

Let’s say that someone slaughtered an animal and the blood got absorbed by the ground. If it left a mark, he must cover it. If it didn’t, then it’s the same as if the blood got covered by the wind and he need not cover it.

Hilchos Shechita 14:10

The only blood that one must cover is the blood of a slaughter that may be eaten, as per Leviticus 17:13, “that may be eaten.” Therefore, if one slaughters an animal and it’s found to be a treifa, or if one slaughters secular animals in the Temple courtyard, or if one slaughters birds or animals that were condemned to stoning, or one slaughters an animal and renders it a neveila – in all of these cases, one need not cover the blood. Similarly, if a person with congenital deafness, one lacking competence or a minor slaughters privately, there’s no need to cover the blood of their slaughter.