Nitzavim - Shlishi

Politically Incorrect? That's Okay!

The Jews saw the idols of Egypt, as well as those of the nations they encountered in their travels. Don't even think about worshiping such things! They're poison! Don't think you can invigorate your religious zeal by emulating other religions! God is NOT okay with that course of action. The Jews must serve only Him and they must do so on His terms. He will severely punish those who do otherwise. (So don't try to change the way He is worshiped to conform to contemporary trends; He says otherwise.)

In the future, Jews and non-Jews alike will wonder at the destruction of the land. What could have so angered God as to permit this to happen? Abandoning the Torah for foreign religions! That's what causes God to drive the Jews from the land in great fury.

The aliyah ends with a famous verse: Hidden things belong to God. It's up to us and our children to keep the Torah, which He has revealed to us.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz