V'zot Habracha - Sh'vi'i

Hey! There's No Seventh Aliyah!

Every other parsha is broken into seven sections: Rishon, Sheini, Shlishi, Revi’i, Chamishi, Shishi and Shevi’i, respectively meaning "first, second, third..." etc. In shul, parshas V'zos HaBracha is read on the holiday of Simchas Torah and is divided into six sections, the last of which is called Chasan Torah. The first five aliyos are read repeatedly, so that everyone may receive an aliyah. After that, the Torah is concluded by the "Chasan Torah" ("bridegroom of the Torah"), then re-started at the beginning by the "Chasan Bereishis" ("bridegroom of Genesis"). Some Chumashim divide V'zos HaBracha into a more traditional seven sections, but for the text synopses, we have elected to do it the way it is read in shul. Rabbi Weinreb, however, has divided his shiurim into seven installments, the last of which appears here.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz