V'zot Habracha - Chamishi

...and the rest...

Dan is like a young lion springing from Bashan.

Naftali will be satisfied with good things in abundance from God. They will have the Sea of Galilee and the land south of it.

Asher is blessed among the Tribes, accepted by all of them and prosperous. They dwell securely and only increase in strength.

Finally, to all the Tribes, Moshe said that there is none like their God. He runs the universe and still looks out for them.

(Where’s Shimon? Don’t they get a blessing? The Ramban explains that the Tribes are always listed as twelve, usually by omitting Levi or by combining Ephraim and Menashe. Here, however, Levi is included, while Ephraim and Menashe are counted separately. The count of twelve is maintained by omitting Shimon. Shimon’s cities were scattered throughout the territory of Judah, so they are included – and alluded to – in the blessing to that Tribe. See the Ramban on verses 6-7.)

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz