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Baba Metzia 3:3-4

Baba Metzia 3:3

If one person told two people that he stole a maneh (a sum of currency) from one of them but he doesn’t know which one, or that one of their fathers left a maneh with him for safekeeping but he doesn’t know which one, he must pay each of them a maneh. This is because he initiated the claim.

Baba Metzia 3:4

If two people left money with the same person – one left a maneh (which is 100 zuz) and the other left 200 zuz – and each of them later claims to be the owner of the 200 zuz, the guardian gives each claimant 100 zuz and the rest must be held until Eliyahu comes to resolve the matter. Rabbi Yosi points out that in this case it’s the rightful owner who loses out, not the liar. Rather, all the money should be held until Eliyahu comes.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz