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Baba Basra 2:3-4

Baba Basra 2:3

One may not open a bakery, a dye shop or a cattle stall underneath another person’s storage facility. When it comes to a storage facility for wine, the Sages permitted the bakery and the dyers underneath but not the cattle stall. If one of the owners of a courtyard wants to open a shop there, the other owner can object on the basis that the noise of the customers coming and going keeps him awake. A person who makes utensils can go out to sell them in the market and his neighbor cannot object based on the noise from hammering, from millstones or from children (in the case of a teacher).

Baba Basra 2:4

If one person’s wall meets his neighbor’s wall (at a right angle), he may not attach another wall to it (forming a U shape) unless he builds it four cubits (about six feet) from the neighbor’s wall. When it comes to building walls opposite another person’s windows, they must be four cubits above, below and across from them.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz