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Baba Basra 2:7-8

Baba Basra 2:7

A tree must be 25 cubits (about 38 feet) from a city; carob and sycamore trees must be 50 cubits (about 75 feet). Abba Shaul says that any tree that doesn’t bear fruit must be 50 cubits from the city. If the city was built before the tree was planted, the tree is cut down and the owner is not reimbursed; if the tree came first, it is cut down and the owner is reimbursed. If there’s a doubt as to whether the tree or the city was there first, the tree is cut down and the owner is not reimbursed.

Baba Basra 2:8

A permanent threshing floor must be distanced 50 cubits from a city. One may not make a permanent threshing floor on his own property unless he owns 50 cubits of land in each direction. The owner must distance it from the saplings or plowed land of others in order to avoid causing damage.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz