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Baba Basra 2:9-10

Baba Basra 2:9

Animal carcasses, graves and a tannery must be distanced 50 cubits (about 75’) from a city. A tannery may only be built to the east of a city (because of the smell and from the east is the least offensive). Rabbi Akiva says that a tannery may be built on any side of a city except for the west (the direction those in Babylonia faced when praying) and it must be 50 cubits away.

Baba Basra 2:10

A pool for steeping flax must be distanced from vegetables, leeks must be distanced from onions, and mustard must be distanced from a beehive. Rabbi Yosi permits mustard to be planted near a beehive.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz