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Baba Basra 2:13-14

Baba Basra 2:13

If someone’s tree branches extend into his neighbor’s field, the neighbor may cut off the height of an ox’s goad above where he needs to plow. When it comes to a carob or sycamore tree, he may measure where to cut with a plumb-line. If the field relies on irrigation, then any tree may be cut based on measuring with a plumb-line. Abba Shaul says that any tree that doesn’t bear fruit may be cut based on a plumb-line.

Baba Basra 2:14

If the branches of a tree extend into the public domain, branches may be cut enough to allow a camel with a rider to pass. Rabbi Yehuda says enough to allow a camel that is loaded with flax or bunches of branches. Rabbi Shimon says that any tree may be cut based on a plumb-line because the overhang creates a situation conducive to transmitting ritual uncleanness.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz