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Avos 2:4-5

Avos 2:4

Rabban Gamliel used to say that we should perform God’s will as if it were our own will so that He will perform our will as if it were His will. We should subordinate what we want in favor of what He wants so that He might subordinate what He wants in favor of what we want. Hillel said not to withdraw from the community, not to trust oneself until the day of one’s passing, and not to judge others until we have been in their position. One should not say something that can’t be understood assuming that it will eventually be understood. Finally, we should not say that we’ll study Torah when we have time because we may never have time.

Avos 2:5

Hillel used to say that an ignorant person can’t fear sin and an unlearned person can’t be pious (because they never learned how). A meek person can’t learn and an impatient person can’t teach. Not everyone who engages in his business too much will grow wise. In a place where there is no leadership, step up.

Author: Rabbi Jack Abramowitz