2,740. One's Intentions Must Agree With One's Words

Hilchos Nedarim 2:2

One who makes an oath is not forbidden the thing that he prohibited himself until he expresses it orally, and his statement must agree with his intention, as we previously discussed. However, if one intended to take a nazirite vow and ended up vowing to bring an offering, or vice versa, or if he intended to take an oath and he ended up making a vow, or vice versa, or if he intended to make an oath regarding figs but he said “grapes,” both things are permitted and there’s no vow.

Hilchos Nedarim 2:3

If someone takes a vow based on others’ intentions, it’s as if he took the oath dependent on their intentions. Similarly, if one makes a vow and immediately retracts it, or if someone chastised him immediately after making his vow and he accepted their words, the thing in question remains permitted. The laws of these things are the same for vows as they are for oaths